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Respect & Honor

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Thu, 2013-02-28 23:57 -- Trey Bruce

Living in this generation you learn a lot about respect and what it really means. Others may think they know what respect is, but they have no idea. Their is two types of respect, the respect of others, and the respect you give yourself. I live and have grown up in a world where kids feel the need to bully someone to gain their respect when really the bullies are just scaring kids into doing things for them. I myself was bullied and thought, those who shall not be named, the bullies were the cool kids. In order to become cool you had to bully others, and this is where self respect comes from. Honor (self respect) has a great deal to what you chose to do. As I grew older I have done a few bad things like recently I cheated on a test and got caught. This taught me a lot about honor, my dad and I had a long discussion about it. What he told me will stay with me for a long time. He told me honor is the gift you give yourself. He then told me, in order for me to have respect from others you must learn about honor. Now when I think back to my childhood I notice I had a lot of honor of myself and a lot of respect to those, like me, who were bullied. I also feel that they gave me the same respect that was given, teaching me one more thing about respect. In order to receive respect you must first give it just like the old saying treat others the way you want to be treated.